Love National Realty Centers – best broker out there!

Victoria Crampton


I have enjoyed being a Realtor at National Realty Centers, it has felt like a big family.  Beth and Joyia are the best.  Both have made my year less stressful, after returning to real estate from my hiatus.  These ladies are so very patient and they make the information very clear and they want to make sure I understand.  Craig there has not been one time when I reached out to you and you didn’t respond.  Our realtors also will lend a helping hand, you don’t find this everywhere.  Thank you Craig and thanks to a great staff.

– Taleesa Anderson


I am a Luxury Realtor at National Realty Centers in Birmingham. I am highly impressed with Craig the owner, the management and all of the support staff. The brokerage is top notch, beautiful and very professional. The location is in the heart of Birmingham and has very convenient parking for their clients, a huge plus and rarity for the area. They strive to be the BEST; they treat their agents extremely well and sincerely value the service we provide to all our clients. 

– Rebecca Gulyas


As a fairly new agent, am very pleased I made the move to National Realty Centers. Was previously with a major franchise broker, and initially moved to save $$ in commission splits, lower cap, no royalties and reduced desk fees. However, found Craig and the team extremely supportive, helpful, and a pleasure to work with!

– Diane Suiter


“Best Real Estate Office On The Planet. Everything Is Green Here. Go Green!”

– Camille Prochazka


I love working for National Realty Centers. Craig Lescoe is a great broker and great person. Everyone is treated equally. Everything is transparent. We have an amazing support staff and manager. We have multiple beautiful offices in great locations. All the agents are so nice and helpful too. I am blessed to have found such a great broker. 

– Linda Brand


National Realty Centers is a rapidly expanding real estate agency because it has innovative training methods, a progressive compensation formula, responsive technical support, attractive modern offices, and dedicated leadership.

– Jon Levin


I am proud to be a member of the National Realty Centers family. This company delivers a commitment to excellence, professionalism and most importantly integrity. Also, a wealth of knowledge & resources, advance technology, creative strategies and supportive staff at National Realty Centers help me provide the best service possible for my clients.

– Rhonda Morman


I can confidently say that Craig has distilled the essence of the broker/associate relationship to a perfect blend of respect, professionalism and opportunity.  

– Kathleen McLallen


Craig and the Support Team at National Realty Centers are exceptional in their responsiveness, Industry Knowledge and desire to help! So happy to be a part of this remarkable team!

– Jason Wood


NRC is great! The communication is fantastic. I’m receiving more information and direction than I have ever have before.

– Regina Brown


I just wanted to give a shout out to Beth and all of the admin staff at NRC. They are amazing! So professional, helpful and caring! It is so nice to have such supportive staff. It is so nice to have an office that is so helpful and always with a pleasant atmosphere and attitude! 

– Kristie Updyke


I love working at NRC! It’s so invigorating knowing your Broker has genuine concern for you. It motivates you to excel and reach for the stars. Craig, Dennis and the great office staff works untiring to assist you. My “ONLY” regret is…..I did not join NRC sooner!

– LaShonne Joe-Hardy


I came over to National Realty Centers as a cost saving move verses paying the high rates at the national chains. The money I’ve saved is incredible!  What I wasn’t expecting is the high level of staff support and the ongoing marketing and technical updates.  I couldn’t be happier working at NRC.   

– Camille Prochazka


Craig is extremely knowledgeable, ethical, and supportive and he stands by his motto that he is always available to help.  Craig cares about his agents and their success.  Working on Craig’s team is truly an honor. 

– Keri Sorenson


Craig you truly are an agent’s broker and I greatly appreciate you and everything you do for all of us. You Rock!!

– Mike Tripoli


After 25 years with a national franchise, I moved to National Realty Centers. It was the best decision…  I love working at National Realty Centers. The support staff is fantastic and Craig is always available to talk.  

– JorJan Allen


I have been a licensed agent for over 30 years and previously worked for Coldwell Banker and RE/MAX brokerages.  In 2018, I switched to National Realty Centers, which has been such a great move.  I have saved thousands and thousands of dollars with the new contract working for a more supportive and technical firm.  We have no franchise fees and a very low contract.  We have several offices available in downtown Northville, Livonia, and Birmingham with state of the art equipment and conference rooms.   Our Broker Craig Lescoe and associate broker Dennis Weese have been amazing.  Even after 30 years of experience in the business, new issues come up where you need broker support.  Craig and Dennis are always there for support in a timely manner and both are very knowledgeable and helpful.  We have regular live video updates from our broker on new procedures.  The technology and programs that NRC offers have simplified the job and our daily tasks.  The staff is always very helpful and we have online and in person training available.  I am so happy that I made the move and wish I would have done so years ago.  It’s by far the best company and staff I have worked for and highly recommend if you are thinking of making the move.   

– Jacqueline Agius McNamara

I moved my license from one of the large national brokers in 2009 and it was the best decision I made in my real estate career. The support and marketing I receive from NRC for my listings far exceed anything my other broker ever did for me, and at a fraction of the cost! Craig and the rest of the NRC team are truly committed to helping you be as successful as possible. 

– Steve Johnson


Craig is extremely knowledgeable, professional and always returns our calls in a timely manner.  We were originally lured to NRC by the compensation agreement but Craig has gone far beyond the high expectations we already had of Craig as our Broker. We would highly recommend NRC to all Realtors!

– Mark and Marlene Kulka


I joined NRC in 2008 and I have never been sorry that I made the move. As a full time associate broker with over 30 years of experience I feel that NRC allows me use my experience while not weighing me down with large office commitments. The office staff is knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant and I always feel like they have my back. Craig and his in-house marketing team are consistently working to stay ahead of the curve where it comes to better exposure of our listings and easier ways to keep the lines of communication open to our clients. 

– Chris Shoemaker


I feel Craig has an “HONEST” interest in my success. The support he has given me has been way above and beyond my former broker. I also like the fact that the commission structure is the best available, that I am aware of, in the State of Michigan. I never feel that I am working for Craig, but working with him. What more can you ask for? Thank you Craig!

– Bob Newman


Craig runs a great company. He is always available to answer questions and has consistently upgraded and improved the company’s processes and systems. NRC is a great firm to be a part of.

– Derrick Kennedy


I have been with National Realty Centers since February 2018 and I love it! Having worked with two other brokers previously I can tell you that National Realty Centers is the best! They are personable, have a fair commission structure and keep you in tune with business trends. I particularly appreciate all the resources that they provide their agents and how accessible they all are. I’m excited for the future with National Realty Centers!

– Audrey Moosekian


I have known Craig for 22+ years, when I started in real estate Craig happened to be in the same office. Craig was someone that got my attention, his work ethic, honesty and wanting other agents to be successful was someone I could work with. I count him as a great friend in this business. I certainly would not be where I am today in real estate without his help.

– Dennis Weese


I joined National Realty Centers in March of 2008. I could not have made a better business and personal decision. The business part is a no-brainer based on the compensation plan. The supportive staff and leading-edge technologies are icing on the cake. From a personal aspect, I absolutely feel like part of a big family that is invested in my growth and success. NRC is truly the right fit for me; and I encourage all agents who are serious about their career to join our team. 

– Denice Simmons


Craig is a great Broker, I’m so pleased I’m working with him, and that I switched companies last year, other than the money I’m making instead of paying franchise fees and brokerage fees, the support and the staff are always helpful in every way they can. I’m so glad I made the move. I highly recommend National Realty Centers.

– Sahar Qaqish


Broker Craig Lescoe is the main reason. Best in the business. Always there for his agents. Staff is ready to help!!! Commission Structure is wonderful. Realtor for 21 years and this is home!

– Sandy “Dr” Watson


I am so impressed with all of the help I receive from the support staff.  They are rock stars!!

– Kristina Lindberg


Joining National Realty Centers was the best move I ever made in my Real Estate Career. I wished I had joined earlier! Craig Lescoe and Dennis Weese are excellent Brokers! The office support, technology, super training, no unnecessary fees! The commission structure is very fair & incredibly easy to reach. I would recommend NRC to every realtor out there… Why Wait?

– Bonni Antczak


Joining National Realty Centers has been the best decision I’ve ever made in advancing my real estate career. If you want to make more money, have access to excellent training, outstanding support & cutting edge technology then National Realty Centers is for you!

– Barbara Ann Buck


I highly recommend anyone looking to sell real estate to join our team! Craig goes above and beyond for his agents. Amazing commission rate, helpful front office and always here when you need him! I am extremely happy working at NRC! I’ve met some of the best agents in house, now I call friends. Thank you Craig!

– Mike Bojaj


Of course, we all would like to hang on to as much of our hard earned commission as possible and I do believe we do with Craig but the bonus is the hands on attention we get from him and the managing staff, very attentive and supportive I have found so nice to feel there is someone to reach out to when needed. The weekly online meetings are also informative viewed live or taped. I’m very happy all around with my decision to join National Realty Centers, Craig is a stand up all around good honest guy!

– Lizabeth Good


National Realty Centers is the best. Craig Lescoe and his staff go above and beyond to help to help you and the training is amazing. Thank you NRC for making everyone feel welcomed.

– Julie Ciccarelli


I was a Real Estate office manager in the Ann Arbor area during a portion of the time when Craig was manager of his former office. He brings the same work ethic, tenacity, and dedication to the National Realty Center venture that he displayed back then and has continued to improve and increase personally and professionally. I couldn’t be more pleased that I have the privilege of being part of his NRC family.

– Jerry Pittman


I have been with 3-4 brokers and I like NRC most of all because everything is great, including education, support, service, and commission schedule!!

– Kyung Rhee


I love the support you receive from both Craig and Dennis. I wouldn’t want to work for any other broker!  NRC is the BEST!

– Wanda Healey


Come for the great commission structure and low fees. Stay for the strong service and support, marketing, technology, and education. Craig Lescoe and his team (special shout-out to Dennis and Beth) are excellent business partners that exhibit the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. Craig’s focus to provide his agents with the tools necessary to be successful and his frequent communication and training are greatly appreciated!

– Peter Argenta


I have been a National Realty Centers Agent under Craig’s supervision since April 2010 and I describe him to others in three words…Great, Great and Great! He has not waver since I first met him! He runs a well-organized, efficient, diverse, friendly and family like brokerage.


Craig is a person of high integrity and morals. He is reliable, dependable, patient, knowledgeable, and available and goes that extra mile to make sure that he and his team support you in any way that they can. You can count on him to get back with you in a timely manner and give you the right answer. He is not afraid to say he does not know something but is always willing to find the answer.


Craig is technically savvy, stays abreast of what is happening in the real estate industry and timely shares this knowledge with the agents on a continuous basis through training, new systems and procedures via blogs, webinars, classroom sessions, on-line support website, one-on-one, etc. All of this is done so that we as agents can continue to grow and focus on what really matters… that is to be more productive in helping our clients to buy and sell real estate while building lasting relationships that keep them coming back and referring others. Craig continuously work at providing the environment that allows us to do just that!


I can go on and on about Craig, but his reputation precedes him. I have not heard anyone say a negative word about him. He is a great guy that is fair, honest and always willing to help which makes him…Great, Great and Great!

– Deverlyn Hurston


Your entire model is amazing, your support staff is wonderful and I believe it won’t be long before National Realty Centers becomes a household name in Michigan.

– Dany Namou


National Realty Centers is hands down the best company I have worked with during my real estate career. Craig and his phenomenal staff are always there to answer questions, provide support and help you to be your best. They continue to improve/grow, provide advanced technology marketing ideas, live Facebook meetings and much more. Whether you have been in the business for a while or are a new agent I think you will love all that National Realty has to offer their agents. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a company to work with. They are the best!

– Michelle Witter


Being a new realtor at NRC, what I appreciate most is the availability of the brokers, front office and I.T. staff. Brokers have always been there any time of day/night to answer my numerous questions or concerns. Office staff are very gracious to my clients and make them feel right at home. As a new agent it is a very welcoming yet relaxed atmosphere with more than reasonable splits, fees, etc.

– Julie Henry


I really appreciate all of the support Craig has provided over the years and truly love being a part of NRC!  The entire team is amazing, I cannot say enough about how helpful and wonderful the entire support team has been!  I look forward to many more years with Craig & NRC!!  

– Giulianna Cooley


I have been with Craig Lescoe and his National Realty organization since 2011 and have been a Realtor since 1971. I would like to say, having been in the business a very long time, that the integrity and professionalism of working with Craig and his team only speaks volumes. The words that come to mine are, support, communication and the sense of being family. In today’s world these attributes can be hard to find. It has been my pleasure….

– Larry Eskildsen


I am proud to be a member of the National Realty Centers family. This company delivers a commitment to excellence, professionalism and most importantly integrity. Also, a wealth of knowledge & resources, advance technology, creative strategies and supportive staff at National Realty Centers help me provide the best service possible for my clients.

– Rhonda Morman


NRC is well-organized, high tech. They offer all necessary real estate advertisements. They are caring and considerate of their agents and communities. With reasonable commission splits, stable office monthly fee, free annual real estate education classes, no other junk fees involved……That is why I have worked at National Realty Centers since 2009.

– Merry Ye


I am proud to be part of the NRC team. Thanks for all your help and support.  Agents who are just starting in the business have no idea what an advantage your business model is to their professional success. We “older models” appreciate your all-in approach to giving your agents every available tool to soar!  Thanks Craig!

– Ellen Doster


National Realty Centers (NRC) goes above and beyond when supporting their agents. The compensation structure is most definitely one of the best in the trade. While this is an obvious key factor that any agent is concerned about when choosing the right broker, the additional support cannot be ignored. Craig does a fantastic job with providing updates within the industry by hosting live online tutorials/classes. The entire support staff is friendly and helpful. I am thankful for being a part of such an amazing group of professionals.

– Mike Lebowski


Back in 2007 I was I unhappy with the real estate office I was with and unexpectedly stumbled upon Craig. And from the first luncheon I knew I wanted to be with National! I transferred my licensed and never looked back. He is trustworthy, helpful, and professional and makes you feel part of his family! NRC is the place to be?

– Theresa Kuykendall


The Technology used by NRC allows its agents to work independently, remotely, and effectively. The commission structure is very generous to agents and the office support is excellent.

– John Levin


I love being an agent at NRC and love all that it has to offer.  We have an amazing Broker, Craig Lescoe, who is constantly working to keep us, not only current, but a step above the rest in this ever-changing Real Estate market.  NRC is a very progressive Brokerage that offers the most cutting edge tools, technology and up-to-date education to the modern day agent.  Craig always makes himself available if we ever need anything.  He also has every bit of information available to us on the NRC website, including countless videos to walk us through any questions or training we may need.

– Christy Lusch        


I joined National Realty Centers in 2008. I really admire Craig’s tenacity and the nice way he conducts the business. As an Eastern European immigrant I know well what hard work means in order to succeed in a business. I wish Craig and National Realty Centers success from all of my heart!

– Ion Caza


I can’t say what a pleasure it has been since I joined National Realty Centers in March of 2016, should have done it years ago.  Craig’s approach to running a real estate office is spot on, everything that you need to succeed is provided.  The website is very helpful and continuously updated.  NRC provides you with support before you even realize that you need the support.  All of the technology is taken care of for you, which is helpful for someone like me that is not as tech savvy.

– Kathy Conrad Zaske


National Realty Centers is a great place to work. Craig is always there for us whenever we have questions. The resources offered here are high tech, resourceful and immeasurable for such a phenomenal commission structure. Another deciding factor for me was the fact that our broker does not compete for business with his agents! Craig is constantly rolling out new, innovative ideas to help us, at no extra cost to his agents. Being in the business since 2001 and having experienced several other brokerages throughout the duration of my career, NRC is the best, bar none!

– Kenice Schooley


Craig is by far the best Broker I’ve worked with. He is personable very knowledgeable and professional a true honest business man. He is always forward thinking in our companies systems and training and continuously improving them. Although we have an excellent office manager Craig still makes himself available for our questions concerns anything that comes up he’s there for his agents. Our Marketing is top notch and the commission split is extremely fair. I’m a proud member of National Realty Centers!

– Jill Jacobs


I loved Craig’s straight forward approach with people and felt very comfortable immediately that he would be the kind of person who does what he says. He also took the time late evening to go over my questions at length and answer them. Don’t know many brokers who would do that. I also like his forward thinking in terms of adapting technology. I think I’ve made the right choice with NRC.

– Hemant Damani


Craig I want to convey my appreciation of our support staff.  They are professional, friendly and quick to offer assistance. I appreciate them and value their contribution to the team. As I’m sure you know they are truly stars – all 5 points!

– Kristi Askew


The most tech savvy and well managed real estate company I have ever been affiliated with. Friendly, proactive & helpful… 5 stars across the board!!!!!

– Steve Connolly       


I highly recommend National Realty Centers! They are always striving to make our jobs easier.  Excellent support!

– Terri Thiede


We have an awesome broker Craig Lescoe who has helped me so much these past few years—Thank you. The support staff are always there to answer questions. Love NRC. 

– Linda Hasenauer


Excellent support!  Everyone is always so helpful and gracious.  I am proud to say I am a National Realty Centers associate.

– Meriem Kadi


Craig, I am sure you are already aware of this but I wanted to point out how helpful, professional and pleasant your support staff have been in helping me get started at your company. They are a real asset and has made my transition very smooth.

– Kyle Fohl


I worked for a big name company for several years.  I am so happy that I switched to NRC in 2010. I absolutely love working for National Realty Centers!

– Karin Vassilakos


Craig is a truly wonderful person to work for.  I feel very fortunate to have such an incredible support staff at National Realty Centers.

– Joelle Boros


After many years with only one franchise, NRC is company for me!  Thanks Craig and NRC staff for all that you do to help us reach our goals. 

– Aaliyah Salaam


So happy to have finally found a place I can call home.  Craig I truly enjoy working for you. I can’t tell you how much agents appreciate how much you give back to them, whether it’s leads or a simple phone call or text back. Thank you.

– Amy Guiles